SEE Science Centre

Welcome to the SEE SCIENCE CENTRE!

This site is part of the SEE Science project: it wants to serve as a virtual platform for all the SEE SCIENCE partners. It aims to strengthen existing relationships within the SEE SCIENCE consortium and to create new ones through networking and sharing of resources.

The main actors of the SEE Science centre will be the Science Centre Agents. The site will try to experiment new ways of building transnational synergies on the theme of science communication.  

All the dynamic content will be in English only to avoid the inertia of translating every new article in all the seven languages of the SEE SCIENCE partnership.

The most important areas of the SEE Science centre are:

The Stories tool: here you'll find mixed media contributions of the project parnters and registered users towards sustainable cooperation of Science Centres in the South East Europe, increased awareness on technical sciences, and  combined and multiplied partner Science Centres strengths.

The same can be said of the Video and Picture sections.

The Festival section will stream the SEE Science Festivals live, and will provide info and materials before and after the events.

The Library section gathers electronic resources from all the partners and make it available to everyone under a CC BY NC SA licence.

The Sciervey section interactively gahter and shows data from one of the project main outputs: the Science Centre Service Portfolio.  

The News and Calendar section... well you guess what it is for :-)



If you are a science enthusiast but you are not a memeber of the SEE Science consortium, you still got a chance to disseminate, comment or post content on the SEE Science Centre: just register on the website creating a new account or using FB connect !

If you got any question please don't hesitate to contact us: admin(at)seescience(dot)unideb(dot)hu


SEE you soon!

The SEE Science Centre Team